Forward Pharma wins new honor of "SRDI Small- & Medium-Sized Enterprise"

Recently, the Small and Medium Enterprises Service Bureau of Shenzhen released the list of SRDI small and medium-sized enterprises for 2022. SRDI is the acronym of specialized, refined, differentiated, and innovative, which is defined by the central government.

Forward Pharma has been awarded as a 2022 SRDI Enterprise. An SRDI enterprise is high-tech enterprise focusing on independent research and development, and commercialization of innovative products. The company has established a unique innovative drug research and development system, spanning target discovery to clinical development. To date, Forward Pharma has two Category 1 innovative drug products per NMPA regulations: FWD1509 for non-small cell lung cancer, and FWD1802, a third-generation selective estrogen receptor degrader for ER-positive breast cancer. Parallel development is ongoing in both China and the United States. Other best-in-class and/or first-in-class assets are moving into the clinical pipeline at a steady pace.



What is SDRI?

SDRI Enterprises are expected to have specialized expertise, fine management, unique products and innovation capability. They are positioned as industry’s rising stars driven by deep technological innovations.

"Specialized" refers to specialized business operations.

"Refined" refers to refined and efficient management.

"Unique" refers to products and services with unique characteristics;

"Innovative" refers to remarkable innovation capabilities and achievements.

About Forward Pharma

Forward Pharma focuses on innovative drug research and development. Company platforms cover the entire drug development process, from target validation, drug discovery, early development, translational medicine research, preclinical studies, all the way to clinical development. The company is headquartered in the city of Shenzhen, the first special economic zone at the direct order of Deng Xiaoping. Our operation and research team are based in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Over the past seven years, Forward Pharma has established a product matrix of more than 10 Category 1 innovative drugs targeting major solid tumors and autoimmune diseases.