Forward Pharma Joins Hands With Tsinghua University Shenzhen Research Institute To Establish "Cancer Innovative Drug Research And Development Center"

Recently, the "Anti-Tumor Innovative Drug Research and Development Center" (hereafter referred to as the "R&D center") jointly established by Shenzhen Forward Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute was officially launched. The R&D center will be integrated into the overall research and development system of Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute and will be under the supervision of the Institute of New Materials and Biomedicine.

The biopharmaceutical industry is one of the key strategic emerging industries for the development of Shenzhen City. The R&D center will focus on building two directed design and optimization platforms for small molecule drugs and large molecule antibody drugs. The main strategy will be rapid follow-up to carry out independent research and development of new types of anti-tumor drugs. At the same time, the R&D center will build a high-level research team and cultivate a group of professional talents in innovative drug research and development and industrialization.

The establishment of the R&D center in collaboration with the research institute is a major event in the development process of Forward Pharma. With the strong scientific research strength and outstanding social influence of Tsinghua University, it will undoubtedly provide great assistance and broader development space for Forward Pharma in the future.

Positioning of the R&D center

Relying on the industrial transformation platform of Tsinghua Research Institute, based on Forward Pharma ' independent research and source innovation capabilities, seizing the historic opportunity for the development of domestic innovative drug industry, utilizing the unique development, research and development, and industrial environment and atmosphere of Shenzhen to plan, construct, and develop this R&D center around several existing national first-class anti-tumor new drug product development pipelines. The R&D center has the following functional positioning:

Promotion of core flagship products to market

Promote the independent research and development of anti-tumor drugs to clinical trials and listing, become an important clinical field with independent core intellectual property rights flagship product, break the monopoly of imported drugs in certain anti-tumor fields, and create huge social and economic benefits while benefiting patients and national health.

Undertaking early-stage excellent projects

Relying on the independent research and development capabilities and unique innovation system of the professional team, undertake upstream early-stage research and development achievements at home and abroad, adopt market-oriented means and enterprise-based operations to incubate and mature the nascent products on this platform, and complete value transformation.

Outputting successfully incubated projects

The products successfully developed and incubated by this platform can choose to cooperate with outstanding pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad for joint development, authorize the research and development and marketing rights (License out) to partners, and adopt the international milestone model for cooperation to promote the rapid transformation of the results and achieve win-win outcomes.

Promotion of local innovative drug industry development, cultivation of professional and cutting-edge scientific research and development, industrial transformation and business operation talents

Relying on the continuous independent research and development and creativity of the platform and team, promote the development of Shenzhen, and even Guangdong's local innovative drug industry chain. At the same time, it is not only necessary to introduce international talents, it is more important to cultivate localized talents. Scientific research institutions and enterprises closely cooperate to cultivate diversified talents that meet the needs of industrial development, thereby further promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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