FWD1509 Wins Product-of-Excellence Award For The Third Time At China Hi-tech Fair (Chtf)

At the recently concluded 24th China International Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), Forward Pharma's self-developed product FWD1509 won the Excellent Product Award. Fosun Pharma has won this award for three consecutive years since it first participated in the CHTF in 2020.

The theme of this year's CHTF is "Technology Reform Drives Innovation, and Technological Innovation Drives Development". The fair, which lasted for five days, covered fields such as biomedicine, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving, intelligent manufacturing, digital economy, 5G commercialization, Internet of Things, chip technology, big data and cloud computing, information security, blockchain, among others. It is currently one of the largest and most influential technology exhibitions in China, as well as a "barometer" to sense new trends in high-tech development and understand new market demands.

About FWD1509

FWD1509 is the fourth generation Targeted therapy drug for non-small cell lung cancer independently developed by Forward Pharma. It has inhibitory activity specific to EGFR exon 20 insertion mutations, which currently lack targeted treatment in China. Additionally, FWD1509 targets Her2 exon 20 insertion mutations, overcomes the blood-brain barrier, and targets patients with brain metastases from lung cancer. Furthermore, it is compatible with the market for the first three generations of products and has demonstrated non-inferiority in preclinical studies for multiple EGFR mutation types, including traditional sensitive mutations (such as exon 19 deletions and L858R point mutations in exon 21), the T790M acquired resistance mutation, and rare mutations such as S768, L861, and G719, compared favorably with existing targeted therapies. Therefore, FWD1509 has breakthrough potential for unmet clinical needs and vast market potential extending to multiple indications, with expectations to comprehensively impact the domestic and international billion-dollar EGFR mutation market in the future, meeting the great demand for precision therapy in the global lung cancer field.

For three years, Forward Pharma has steadily progressed the research and development of FWD1509. In 2020, FWD1509 submitted clinical applications to the US FDA and China NMPA and obtained approval for clinical (IND). In 2021, FWD1509 entered clinical research stages in China and the United States and administered drugs to the first clinical participants in September. In July 2022, FWD1509 completed a phase Ia dose-increase clinical study in China and entered into a phase Ib/IIa clinical research stage (dose extension). Its first-time administration in humans has demonstrated good safety and preliminary observed prominent anti-tumor efficacy.

About Forward Pharma

Forward Pharma is an innovative pharmaceutical company that focuses on the independent research and development of drugs. It has a dual-platform approach that covers the entire drug development process, from target validation, drug discovery, early development, translational medicine research, preclinical studies, and clinical development. The company is headquartered in Nanshan, Shenzhen, with international operations and research teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Over the past seven years, relying on its self-built chemical small molecule and monoclonal antibody drug discovery platform, Forward Pharma has established a product matrix consisting of more than 10 Category 1 innovative drugs in over three major solid tumors and autoimmune diseases.